Magnetic receptive / WriteOn

Walltalkers Mag.Rite II

Product code:


Roll width:

119 / 122cm 


Fabric backed vinyl wallcovering 


1330 g/m2

Fire rating: 

B-s2-d0  EN 13501-1 

Recommended adhesive: WallFix 100 & 150
Product sheet Product Sheet (pdf)

Refer to the installation instructions leaflet inside the core of each roll or the online videos at For the best results the surface should be mirror smooth. 

Info & Videos

Care & Maintenance:  Download (pdf)





Mag.Write in action





Useful for multimedia presentations, mag•rite® II is a high-quality moderate-gloss dry erase surface that also attracts magnets. Unique ferrous-powdered vinyl allows the surface to remain flexible yet permits the use of magnetic letters, posters, and other graphic elements. Like other quality walltalkers® products, mag•rite® II has a high-quality surface with unsurpassed readability and erasability.

For best results, we recommend rare earth or Neodymiummagnets for mag•rite® II.