Why Walltalkers? Consider the possiblities...


Higher Quality

Walltalkers dry erase presentation wallcoverings are made with the highest-quality materials available using a meticulous lamination process that ensures 100% uniform coverage of the vinyl substrate. As a result, no thin spots or "pinholes" occur on the surface where inks, stains, and solvents can penetrate and leave permanent discoloration.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The key to this process is laminating with our high-performance dry erase film. It alone creates a surface that is exceptionally resistant to stains, impervious to solvents, and measurably more durable than the inexpensive coatings/paints used by other manufacturers.

Superior Durability

Insistence on quality materials and processes results in a longer-lasting, better-looking product for the end user. Walltalkers uses only the highest quality materials to ensure our dry erase surfaces consistently maintain their unique flexibility and strength. They won't crack, chip, or deteriorate, even under daily use. Walltalkers recommends specific markers for optimum performance; and markings can be left on for as long as needed. Removal is always easy and complete. Walltalkers products are highly stain-resistant, too, and won't discolor even if they come in contact with known staining agents such as permanent markers, crayons, coffee, lipstick, ketchup, and even wine.

Easy Maintenance

All it takes is simple care to preserve and protect the beauty and performance of Walltalkers surfaces. Typical dirt and stains can be removed by simply wiping with a damp cloth or sponge and a mild soap or cleaner. Tougher stains can be tackled with more powerful cleaners. Unlike other wallcoverings, Walltalkers products are impervious to most chemical solvents that can break down, discolor, and deteriorate less durable surfaces. This directly translates to easier, more cost-effective maintenance and years of top performance.

The Original

Walltalkers invented dry erase wallcoverings over 20 years ago. Since that time, we have consistently provided a wide variety of presentation surfaces that perform to the highest standards and really last. Because we pioneered the technology, we have also been able to anticipate customer needs, develop innovative products, and perfect each step of the manufacturing process. The result is a full range of presentation surfaces that are distinctly superior to anything else on the market.